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What We Do

  • We save our clients time and money
  • We eliminate feelings of stress and uncertainty about clothing selection
  • We show our clients how to create the exact personal image they want
  • We increase their self-confidence
  • We improve their outlook on life
  • We change the way the world looks at them!


  • Our Associates teach you the Color 1 Concept so you can look great everyday - not just occasionally. No one looks their best without it!

    Color 1 Concept is not a Seasonal Color Theory

    Color 1 Associates instruct their clients in personal color usage in a very unique way. We know that the formerly popular "seasonal color theory" is far too general to be specifically helpful and it's often inaccurate. Let me be more specific.

    Usually, 50% of the colors on a seasonal color chart are not as flattering to the individual as they could be. Also, many colors are left off that would look beautiful.

    Color 1 Associates create personal color charts that contain the client's most flattering shades of every color in the spectrum (beige, white, camel, brown, rust, navy, gray, green, blue-green/turquoise, robins egg blue/teal, blue, several purples, plum/fuchsia, raspberry, red, coral, orange, yellow and very often black).

    This full range of colors allows an unlimited variety of looks. And, because they are all enhancing to the client's coloring, they are also assured of a great look, not just a great variety!

    Seasonal charts often contain both clear, bright colors and toned-down, muted looking colors.

    No One is equally enhanced by clear and toned down colors

    Color 1 Associates know that all individuals are more enhanced by one specific clarity or another, but never by both. The wrong clarity can make a client look garish and overpowered or, on the other hand, washed out and drab.

    The right color in the wrong clarity is not effective

    The Color 1 principles of shade and clarity are extremely important to image enhancement, yet, there is another vastly essential principle - how an individual combines their colors.

    Without this knowledge, a client could be dressed in their best colors and most flattering clarity and still not look great - YES, color combinations are that important.

    I'm not talking about the simple "beige goes with brown and you can wear yellow and blue together" color combinations, I'm talking about what specific color combinations are flattering, or unflattering, to your natural body coloring.

    The right color in the right clarity used in the wrong color combination is not effective

    The seasonal concepts do not address this critical link to looking great in any way, shape, or form.

    The Color 1 Concept is a way of life for our clients - a beautifully simple "habit" of looking great everyday! Call Color 1 Associates today for your consultation.

    Or purchase your very own Color 2000 Chart. Your chart will guide you into making clothing and makeup purchases that will change the way the world looks at you. With your chart you will receive specific guidelines on how to combine your best colors to give you a rich and radiant look all of the time and a list of fabulous makeup colors that match those on your chart.

    Color2000 Charts| Makeovers| Makeup| Tips| What's Your Color Type?|
    What we do| About Us| Careers with Color1| Books by JoAnna Nicholson| Color1 in the News|

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