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Help Start a TV Program It is my wish to have a daily television show so that you can experience everything you've been reading about in my books and on this site! The program would show REAL WOMEN of every size, age, lifestyle and budget how they can be stylish in REAL CLOTHES that they will love and can afford.

My audience would be made-up of real women, hopefully including you someday, and every segment would be run like a "workshop". I'd often be pulling women out of the audience to illustrate Smart Tips and all of the details you'd need to accomplish them. Audiences would be asked to wear something to the show that they would like critiqued - an outfit they need help with or an ensemble that they think is perfect but may not be.

Every show will have segments that focus on Dress Smart, Act Smart, Be Smart. The Dress Smart segment will include a makeup tip and a daily makeup lesson. The Act Smart segment will include all kinds of wonderful "stuff" that women would like to learn more about like:

  • How to be more sensual - including components from my little book, How To Be Sexy Without Looking Sleazy.
  • How to walk with style and grace.
  • Manners for the new millennium.
  • How to "sound" Smart.
  • How and why older women and full-figured women can be as sensual as slim and/or younger women.
  • Getting in and out of cars (and SUVs) with grace.
  • Attracting the type of man you would like to spend time with.
  • Changing your lifestyle to make it live up to your dreams.
  • Maintaining a sense of mystery and privacy when you live with a man and much, much more!.

In other words, the show would be about clothes, makeup and men! By helping make this happen, you will be automatically entered into a drawing for you and four friends to appear on the TV show. I would be so grateful if you would write/e-mail the following people/networks - it's easy: Just enter your name and email address in the form below and press "go"!

enter your email here!

Your letter will make a difference! Thanks so much!! Hope to see you on a show someday!!!

Color2000 Charts| Makeovers|| Tips| What's Your Color Type?|
What we do| About Us| Careers with Color1| Books by JoAnna Nicholson| Color1 in the News|

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