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Building a Smart Wardrobe

How much of your wardrobe do you really use?
    Two of the reasons why women only wear about 25% of their wardrobe in any given season is that their closets are full of separates that don't go together and/or they don't know how to combine the pieces to create great looking outfits.

    To solve the first, get in the habit of buying entire ensembles - that doesn't mean that you must buy all of the pieces that were made to go together, although that's (usually) a nice easy way to look coordinated, but not as original as some of you may like. No matter what, please, please, always buy the matching top to any skirt or trousers you are purchasing, so that when worn together they make a base. Or, look for a matching top made by any other manufacturer right away - I'm sure that you've noticed that certain colors are prevalent in any given season and it will be much easier to find the exact shade you need if you're looking for it in the same season. For example:

    If you buy a yellow skirt, buy a basic matching yellow top; buy a purple top to match the purple trousers you bought two years ago but haven't yet worn; and while you are at it, see if your cream colored sleeveless shell matches the skirt of your cream-colored suit.

    The easiest way to start to build a Smart Wardrobe is to keep your look uncomplicated and understated (do not read: boring) - you can branch out and go "wild" (or just a little wilder) once you get your wardrobe working for you. Remember, quality, not quantity. Well tailored. Wonderful colors, in your best clarity, and super color combinations for you.

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Color2000 Charts| Makeovers| Makeup| Fashion, Beauty and Makeup Tips| What's Your Color Type?|
What we do| About Us| Careers with Color1| Books by JoAnna Nicholson| Color1 in the News|

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